Winning Over Fear

When we succumb to the “spirit of fear,” it is because we have embraced an erroneous belief about God and His ability or willingness to deliver us from the fear-triggering situation, person, or thing.


4 Ways to Respond to Criticism

Depending on our level of confidence or insecurity, we may interpret any mention of our need to improve as a confirmation or proof of our worst fears—that we are lacking something.


5 Ways To Release Tension

We cannot avoid stress-producing or anxiety-provoking circumstances—they are a natural consequence of life on Planet Earth. But there are effective ways to lessen their impact on our minds and bodies. In addition to walking, running, and other activities, ...

Girl cutting down tree limb she is resting on

Is Self-Caused Stress Sabotaging Your Peace?

Are you your own worst enemy—your biggest stressor? Do you engage in behavior that will often lead to a stress-producing incident?  Listed below are several behaviors or situations that you would do well to consider eliminating from your daily routine: ...


Happy “Love” Day Friends!

Happy "Love" Day, Friends! As my husband Darnell and I approach this Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen not to focus on flowers, a card, and dinner; rather, I’m more excited when I consider that it has been the faithful love of our Heavenly Father that has k ...