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THIS WEEK (Feb 12-15):   “HOW TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL INTIMACY” (for married couples and soon to be marrieds). Special guest:  My husband of 39 years–Darnell Pegues. We will share our financial successes and failures and answer sticky questions about how couples can get on the same page with their spending priorities–and why there is so much conflict in this area.  DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

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WINNING WITH DEBORAH... where people turn to learn!

Join Bestselling Author, international speaker, CPA/MBA, and TV host Deborah Smith Pegues for this exciting new faith-based, how-to talk show on the TBN SALSA Network.   Learn how to WIN financially, relationally, emotionally, and physically with the Word of God. Get ready to be empowered by engaging guests and anointed teaching.

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